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Themagnificent love of God is the greatest authority that holds the earth in concert


Love should govern the home. Love is the supreme force

that was ever placed into men. A home that is

not disciplined via love is not much of a home.

If a husband and spouse doesn’t sincerely love each other, they are not able to have faith in each other.

Instead of resting our belief upon some emotion (which is all right) or some gift (which is all right), like shouting, speaking with tongues, or with other effects that we tend to take for–saying that we have God’s Holy Ghost while we perform this… Those things are all right.

But, if we would come back to the belief, love first, and then those things, I assume our church would make progress more rapidly, if we would find God to start with; and God is love.

Now, love is within 2 distinctive terms, 2 distinct meanings.

In the Greek language, one of them is known as « phileo »; that is love

that you hold for your wife. « Agapao » is love, Divine love.

Now, love that you have for your spouse, and love for God is different. Love that you hold for your wife, if a man were to insult her, you would slay him directly, by means of that type of a love, a phileo love. Nevertheless with Agapao love, you would pray for his lost soul.

There’s 2 separate forms of love. And I’m almost sure that several of us have been deceived with having phileo love yet thinking it’s Agapao love. Phileo love is intellectual; Agapao love comes from your heart. That’s human love, kindly love, and Godly love. Godly love does not suspect. Human love reasons, on the contrary Godly love does not. It is faultless in its trust. It is actually perfect… It clearly produces faith when you truly love.

That love that God has… Love is a dominant power. And as soon as love is projected, next it comes to a climax of its

strength, autonomous grace shall receive it up from there and afterward project what love has asked for. That is the reason we have a Saviour tonight, is since God so loved our world that His love being projected, formed a Saviour.

God desired to see you perfectly so much, His love went out and it fashioned an atonement for your condition,

and for your sins. It was the absolute love of God that constrained Him to do it.

Love is a strong power. It’ll run a lady, a mother, directly into the burning flames of a fire after her child, even if she is aware she’s plunging herself to the death. There’s nothing stronger than love. Love will make you trust. You could go and discern that you belong to a celebrated church in all provinces of Canada. You might know that you’re a charter associate of a enormous church in this nation. And next you would do things that you would not do if you belonged to a little mission somewhere in some corner with God’s

love in your heart.

Love has no fear. Love casts out fear. If you lack confidence it will make you fear.

Do you not know that He is interested in your healing and in your welfare? You may be ever so sinful, nevertheless did you discern He’s interested in you becoming His subject?

You speak, « But I am simply an insignificant individual.

But, you’re not in the vision of God. God desires you. He loves you.

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