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Just what does the road to being saved look like?

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For it really is through grace are we saved, not of works, unless any person shall show off. This amazing message of grace have been tramped under by feet of men until it’s become a dishonor. Many of them runs out into eternal security, several runs out into everything. But this true message of grace remains, and there’s where The devil desires to knock it out from God’s church. Yet it’s God’s amazing grace that we are all saved by.

God’s word reveals grace as truth, and by signs and wonders God confirms truth. Then why could anybody criticize and basically claim that grace is wrong, that we’re saved by works? We’re saved by grace, that through faith, not by works. Works demonstrates you have really been saved. But precisely what saves you is The Lord’s grace. Grace saves you. Grace is the thing that God does for you personally. Works is just what you do for God to show thankfulness of everything God did for you personally. And yet by grace are you saved.

Many people feels, « Since I go become a member of church, put my name on the book, that’s all I need to do. » Some people thinks, « Since I shout, that’s all I have to do. » Others think, « ‘Cause I speak with tongues, that’s all I have to do. » Several thinks, « Because I got power to heal the sickly, that’s all I have to do. » It’s not. It is the grace of God that saves you, God’s amazing grace. I can’t trust in any merits. Some alleged, « Well, we have a great person. That person, We have heard him rise up and do this; We have all heard him get up and do that. »

Paul pronounced, in I Corinthians 13, « Though I speak with tongue of men and Angels, though I have discernment, though I have gifts, to feed, I’ll take all my goods to feed the poor, though I can move mountains with faith, though I have knowledge to understand all things, I am nothing till love comes in, which is grace. » God has to do it. You can do all these things and yet be lost. Then it’s grace which saves you, God’s grace for the humankind.

To think of Him… I was thinking of that grace immediately after that appeared Friday morning just at daybreak up there in that field when I set on a log later, and tears come down in my eyes. I thought, « O God, Your grace has stooped to save me. Why did You ever have such pity upon a poor illiterate wretch like myself? How did You ever come down to our humble little Tabernacle, where peace, and people of low walk of life, poor, don’t have anything of this world, but yet Your grace is spread abroad in our hearts by your Holy Spirit, that You heal our disease, and save our sins–save us from our sins, rather, and make us Your people, deal with us? »

I then thought of David, how that when he took a notion to create a house unto the Lord, said, « It’s not right that i can live in a house of cedar, and God’s ark of the covenant lay under sheepskins and a tabernacle. »

God told the prophet, « Go, say to My servant, David, I took him from the sheepcote, from feeding them few sheep out there of your daddy’s, and made you a great name like great men in the earth. »


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