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Remarketing: Ways to Dominate the Online Marketing Market Place Utilizing Covert Processes That in fact a Few Marketers Know Of.

Local marketers in the Metropolitan Detroit, MI area are taking advantage of an underused technique.

Maybe you have observed identical banner ads everywhere you look on the internet and wondered how they could possibly be so geared to what you’re thinking about? Have you perhaps wondered how some businesses can afford to pay out so much to promote on their own on a lot of the sites you visit? Well… there’s a secret that not many companies (or even agencies) know about. That secret is remarketing.

Remarketing, also referred to as retargeting, is the process of advertising to your web page visitors on other web pages they visit on the internet. With remarketing, when someone lands on your website, you tag them with the cookie furnished by the remarketing advertising network. Then, everytime that individual visits an online site that runs ads as part of the remarketing advertising network, your ad shows up. Sounds easy, right? It’s extremely powerful.

How Does Remarketing Work?

When somebody visits your company web site, they have landed there as a result of some form of marketing, intentional or possibly not. They may have clicked on a search engine ad, they may have located you in the organic SEO listings, they may have visited a banner ad, they may have came from another website, or from a social networking site. Whatever brought them into your personal website, they have landed there due to the fact that they are thinking about something you offer. The problem is, your prospective customers are commonly at different stages of the purchasing cycle. A number are prepared to buy now, some in one month, some in a few months, some not at all. That’s where remarketing comes in.

By applying a remarketing campaign you’ll constantly market to your buyers even though they’ve left your website, but one thing is different. Now, you are aware that you’re advertising to people who have already visited your website (as opposed to the general market). And in addition this provides you with an advantage. Given that now you know that these people have already shown interest in your offering in the past and are more likely to buy from you. With this particular knowledge you can then design remarketing campaigns intended to turn those viewers into leads and purchases.

The best part concerning remarketing is the fact that the cost-per-click for advertising to that particular audience is quite lower than typical display campaigns since your ad is listed on websites online where there is little or no competition.

Establishing Your Remarketing Campaign

The initial step in starting your remarketing campaign is to find the various conversion goals in your web marketing strategy. You might have one conversion goal where leads subscribe to your email marketing database. Maybe you have another objective where buyers e-mail you to obtain free consultation. And you could have another where prospects order from you.

After you have determined your conversion objectives, the next step is segmenting your site visitors. Segmentation is critical for the success of the remarketing campaign because segmentation enables you to target your remarketing to precisely what your audience has an interest in – and the more targeted your messaging, the better the response rate. You may offer a variety of services, you may have numerous differing product categories, or you could have customized landing pages for specific campaigns. Nevertheless, you want to identify and segment your site visitors.

Once you have segmented a web site visitors, you next want to setup an account using a remarketing advertising network (Google Adwords is de facto the biggest). Once you setup your campaigns there’s an option to create ‘Audiences’ – setup a new audience for each one of your website visitor segments. The remarketing advertising network can then provide you with a remarketing script that you add to each page of the web site where that segment visits. Be sure that you apply the remarketing script for each audience to only those pages that concentrate on that audience.

When this process is done, anyone who visits your website (unless of course they have picked the ‘do not track’ option within their Internet browser) are going to be tagged using your remarketing cookie. The more traffic you get, the quicker your remarketing audience will grow.

An illustration of How You Could Launch Your Remarketing Campaign

The combinations of ways you can run your remarketing campaign are unlimited but here is an example of the way it could run. For instance, if you happen to be a printing company offering business card printing, flyer printing and poster printing (you would probably offer a lot more than this but I’m keeping it simple for the purpose of the sample).

You would first setup a different remarketing audience for each service (eg business card printing) and be certain that there is a different page in your site for each service. Then you apply the remarketing script to every page, and probably another one for the home page (since you don’t exactly know what they’re interested in on the home page). You manage standard advertising campaigns to each page using Google Adwords, display advertising, Facebook ads, etc. The goal is still to convert visitors the first time they land on your web site but in case you convert 10% of visitors (which is high), 90% are leaving your site without taking action on your offer. That is where remarketing takes over.

The secret of making your remarketing campaign’s success, at least at the basic level, will be to constantly experiment with fresh messaging in your banners to identify an angle that gets results, and then to keep updating your creative so that your audience doesn’t get tired of your ads (which will affect your click-through-rate and just how often your ads are shown). If you are in the Metropolitan Detroit, MI area and want more information, find us at: http://www.solution7marketing.com


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