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The Southfield Photographer Explains Methods in Texture Photography.

The Southfield photographer likes living near the beach and says there are many texture photography opportunities waiting. Three of the main opportunities at the beach are: rock, driftwood, and sand.

Rock: Don’t assume that all beaches have rock. A handful are miles of smooth sand. However, whenever a beach does offer rock, the rock frequently has very worthwhile texture. The Southfield photographer appreciates some of the better photo opportunities are found with rock that is immersed at high tide and yet uncovered at low tide. This kind of rock is profoundly worn by wave action. The softer areas of the rock are generally eroded away whilst the harder rock is left.

The key is to identify attention-grabbing patterns in the rock texture and accentuate that in the pictures. The timing for this method of photography may be a pain in the you know what. Of course, these shots will have to be taken at low tide. In addition, the sun needs to be low on the horizon as a way to give emphasis to the rock texture. For that reason, it is very important to check both the tide tables as well as the sun rising and setting times.

Driftwood: For a photographer, driftwood often makes some incredible photos. The wood features a grain that’s been eroded by the wave action. This will provide great texture. Aside from that, the wood will likely be wet which could further increase the contrast of the texture.

As with much of texture photography, side light works for driftwood. Among the many nice aspects of driftwood is it can be repositioned to take advantage of the sidelight.

Wet Sand: Due to wave action, the sand will have patterns. It is just dependent upon locating some interesting ones. Generally, the ideal opportunities can be located at low tide. In the event the sand doesn’t show any appealing patterns, merely wait until after the next wave and look again.

A photographer that captures the sand during a colorful sunset could add intense, saturated color to the sand for even enhanced imagery.

While at the beach, don’t make the error a photographer friend of mine made. He set his camera on a tripod and turned his back to the ocean for a few moments. When he turned back, he observed his camera equipment had been washed into the ocean by an all of a sudden large wave.


When looking to capture texture images, the desert is a key location. Texture may be found in the plants, wildlife, and rock of the desert.

Rock is probably the simplest to photograph. Rock possessing bands of alternating color is suitable as texture photography subject material. The sort of image is best shot around the late afternoon. That being said, if there are surrounding mountains, one can not shoot too late or the rock might be cast in shadow after the sun disappears behind the mountains. Subsequently, a photographer will find the best light usually occurs when the sun sits just above the mountains. This will give the warmest light and the longest shadows.

Also, it’s best to have a contrasting sky. Regularly, the deepest blues in the sky is found opposite the direction of the sun. This is due to Mie scattering which adds white light to the sky (thus, desaturating the sky). The closer to the sun an area of sky is, the greater the Mie scattering.

One final point, don’t neglect to try a polarizer. A polarizer can sometimes help to saturate the color of the rock and the sky. Still, the impact of a polarizer varies with regards to the angle of the lens with respect to the direction of the light. Polarizers are most useful when the lens is perpendicular with respect to the sunlight. This should actually be taken into account when positioning the camera for a shot.

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